Arkham City sells 2 million in first week

Wow. The Batman has had a really good week. His newest game, Batman: Arkham City, scored very well with reviewers, and it seems to be a hit with fans, too. The detective's game shipped 4.2 million copies in its first week – an impressive feat – but even more astounding are the sales. Though many often lament over the overabundance of shooters, it looks like gamers are ready for more, as Arkham City has sold 2 million of those copies in just one week.

The numbers come from the LA Times, who notes that the sales put it among the fastest selling games of the year. Sure, those aren't Battlefield or Call of Duty numbers, but 2 million copies in the first week is absolutely wonderful news for Warner Bros. and Rocksteady. It's also worth mentioning that these sales came without the PC version having released, as it was recently delayed until next month.

These huge sales prove that the Rocksteady's Arkham series is absolutely here to stay, even if it feels like it would be nearly impossible to go up from Arkham City when it comes to scale. One of the criminals wandering the streets of Arkham City says it best: "What the hell can they do next? Arkham County? Arkham Country? "Big-ass Arkham World?"

Sorry, random Thug from Arkham City, but we have no idea where Rocksteady is going to take the series next. Maybe it will be bigger, maybe it will be smaller, but with sales like this we can be sure of one thing: it's coming, and we'll likely know more before too long.

Hollander Cooper

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