Arcana Heart - new screens

Atlus’s Arcana Heart is best known for being one of the only 2D fighters that isn’t a total sausage fest. You won’t find any professional wrestlers with over-sized pectorals trying to bear hug you or scrappy karate champs hurling fireballs. Instead, Arcana Heart kicks all the boys out and features an all-girl cast of brawlers.

New screenshotsfrom the upcoming PS2 version suggest that no stereotypical anime fetish has been left off the roster. If you like school girls with short skirts, witches with lots of cleavage, soft-spoken kimono-wearing warriors, or flashy anime-inspired power moves, then you might want to avoid Arcana Heart when it reaches Western audiences this April. You just might overload your inner otaku with the dangerously high levels of estrogen-infused energy that Arcana Heart’s packing.

Above: Konoha still hasn’t managed to find herself a pair of pants in the PS2 version of Arcana Heart

Mar 4, 2008