Apex Legends Storm Point map gameplay shows off a battle-scared tropical paradise

Apex Legends Ash abilities
(Image credit: EA)

Apex Legends has unveiled its new map called Storm Point in a fiery new trailer. 

Just below, you can check out the latest trailer for Apex Legends, which debuted earlier today on October 25. The trailer is chiefly used to tease the new tropical island map, called Storm Point, which looks rife with coves, caves, bunkers, and even a gravity cannon which fires players over long stretches of the map itself, bringing plenty of added dimensions to Respawn's battle royale game.

Elsewhere, there's a new look at Ash, the latest Legend to join the Apex Games. Ash has some pretty intimidating Finisher moves in her arsenal, slicing and dicing other legends like Rampart and Horizon in the trailer above, and it also looks as though she's got a tether ability, used to temporarily slow enemies down with a brief jolt of electricity. For the full lowdown on the new character's abilities and backstory, head over to our Apex Legends Ash guide.

As ever with any new season of Apex Legends, there's a brand new battle pass to get stuck into. The "Ruthless" battle pass for Season 11: Escape launches alongside Storm Point and Ash next week on November 2, and appears to boast new skins for Caustic, Revenant, and Mirage, as well as a flashy new skin for the Prowler SMG.

Finally, there's the CAR SMG weapon dropping into Apex Legends with the new season next week. Titanfall players will no doubt be familiar with the rapid-fire weapon, and in the trailer above it looks absolutely unstoppable, mowing down enemy Legends with a hail of bullets. There's a lot to like about Season 11: Escape, and there's not long until it's here.

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