Apex Legends bug renders Wattson's pylons useless against Horizon's abilites

Apex Legends season 7
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Apex Legends players are reporting that Horizon's abilities aren't working as intended and are getting through Wattson's defensive pylons.

Earlier this month, reports began to surface on Apex Legends online forums that Horizon's abilities weren't quite working as intended. Players were claiming that Horizon's tactical ability and ultimate ability, which suck players into a tornado or black hole respectively, were getting through Watton's defensive pylons, which should be stopping all incoming enemy gunfire and abilities.

Just below, you can see one Apex Legends player putting Horizon's two abilities to the test in the Firing Range practice area. The player throws down Wattson's ultimate ability pylon on the ground, which is meant to stop all incoming fire and abilities, before switching to Horizon. Then, they use Horizon's tactical and ultimate ability within close proximity to Wattson's pylon, proving that the pylon isn't stopping them as it should do.

Horizon's abilities are not being negated by Wattson's Pylon from r/apexlegends

This isn't just the only example of Wattson's defensive pylon ability not working as intended. Just below, you can see another in-game example, where a player's teammates are sucked up into Horizon's tactical tornado-like ability, despite the fact that defensive pylons are right nearby. The pylon is meant to cancel out this ability, but as you can see below, it doesn't.

Wattson's Interception Pylon no longer disables enemy Horizon's abilities (tactical and ulti) from r/apexlegends

It's unclear exactly how long this fault has been in Apex Legends right now, just as it's unclear which character, Horizon or Wattson, is actually at fault. Some Apex Legends players on the official game's subreddit claim this has been going on since the last patch for the game went live earlier this month in March.

Right now, it's not clear if the patch which went live yesterday for Apex Legends has fixed this issue. Yesterday on March 29, a brand new update for Apex Legends launched on all platforms, to address various bug fixes, according to the patch notes that you can read on your platform's update log. However, seeing as Apex Legends players were taking to online forums like the official subreddit as recently as late last night about the bug, it appears to still be present.

We've contacted developer Respawn Entertainment for comment about the bug and will update this piece with any new information accordingly.

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