Anthem players find a way to become invincible and increase damage to silly levels with a couple of glitches

It's just one thing after another with Anthem now, isn't it? In a double-bill of bugs,  players have discovered an Anthem invincibility glitch and an Anthem power glitch  that basically makes you invincible while massively increasing your damage output by removing items from your loadout. If you're playing Anthem and want to know what the hell's going on, here the deal. 

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How to become invincible in Anthem

Starting with the Anthem invincibility glitch courtesy of Reddit user /u/MustacheSwagBag, it's unfortunately only possible with the Storm Javelin. So if you're a Colossus, Ranger or Interceptor main, you're going to need to switch. How it works is as follows:

  1. Firstly, make sure your ultimate is available to use.
  2. Trigger the ultimate, then instantly swap weapons.
  3. This will cancel your ultimate, but your shields and health will instantly be restored to full, as will the cool down on the jetpack.

Of course, this means you won't be able to use your ultimate but when you can stay invincible, who cares? Check out the below GIF of the Anthem invincibility glitch in action courtesy of PC Gamer.

How to increase your damage in Anthem

This sounds simple because the obvious answer is to find better weapons and gear, but believe it or not, the way to increase your damage output so much it breaks the game is via a completely different method. Discovered by Redditor /u/Gaidax, you essentially need to remove all of your lower level gear. Anthem scales damage based on your your average item level, but rather than counting unequipped slots as 0, it doesn't count them whatsoever. This means that if you have no support items - possible by creating a new Javelin loadout - you can have an insanely high damage output.

Combine these two Anthem glitches and you can become unstoppable... but of course, that would mean having to play Anthem first.

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