Another salvo of screens

Even more screens were released today for the upcoming 360 exclusive robot battler Chromehounds. Offering up several metric tons of mechanized carnage, Chromehounds delivers multiplayer machine massacres over Xbox Live. Set in a sort of post-apocalyptic European battleground where nations have been deprived of their radio communications by erratic solar flare activity, wars must be fought using giant Hound robots.

Initial impressions of this game lead us to believe that it's primed to live up to the rigorous standards set by other mech combat games, such as Armored Core and MechAssault. But Chromehounds promises more by featuring a persistent battleground for multiplay, as well as a rich single-player game focused on customizing your robot ride in addition to lighting up others'.

Keep your eyes on GamesRadar as we'll have some serious hands-on time coming to you from E3 next week. Until then, go ahead and peep these newly released screens of huge metal machines in flames.

May 4, 2006