Another MAJOR Game of Thrones season 7 meeting leaked in a video

Game of Thrones season 7 is currently filming in a range of locations around the world, and various meetings and plot points are leaking out. Basically every time an actor goes anywhere or does anything, people are putting two and two together. 

In this case though there's no guess work, it's two big deals meeting face to face for the first time. 

Obviously massive spoilers if you continue so I'm putting a Hodor in the way so no one can see anything accidentally. If you scroll past then it's all your own fault. 

Here's the video, which according to it's description was "filmed on Saturday 22nd of October in San Juan de Gatzelugatxe (Bermo-Vizcaya-Spain)". 

In it you can clearly see Jon Snow walking down to meet Daenerys.

There's also this tweet showing a close up:  

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Which I only mention as this, much clearer shot, shows Daenerys' outfit - those shoulders are defintely a match for the more blurry images. 

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We know that Spain is being used to film a meeting between the two factions as we've already seen Tyrion and Davos together and the scene has been very much set for Snow and Daenerys to finally meet up. This is just the first time we've seen it. 

If you want to know even more then there's a very good compilation of all the leaks and set videos that lay out pretty much the entire Game of Thrones season 7 plot. And yes, this is in it.

Game of Thrones season 7 will debut in summer 2017.

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