Anna Friel confused by SFX Dalek

Anna Friel admitted to being in possession of stolen money at a press junket this morning promoting the of launch on Pushing Daisies on ITV1 in April. But don’t worry, the police won't be investigating (though Lucas Film might).

At the press conference – which also featured the show’s star Lee Pace and its creator Bryan Fuller – Friel admitted it was a thrill to work on in the US.

"I think it feels so much bigger working on the Warner Brothers lot," she said, when asked about the differences between making TV in the UK and the US. "There’s Terminator around the corner, and Heroes and Chuck and Moonlight..."

"They’re shooting the new Indiana Jones right up around the corner," added Pace. "Every time we went down to the stage, we would detour and see if the stage door was open."

"And I got some Indiana Jones money!" chipped in Friel. "Ray Winstone, who's a friend [and working on Indy IV], came and knocked on my door and said he stolen some money from the set!"

See that phone? That’s been touched by Anna Friel that has. Not that your slightly embarrassed SFX scribe owned up to the fact.

SFX may not have got to interview Friel personally (she was nabbed by some TV rag for a photoshoot – bah) though we did chat exclusively to Pace and Fuller (who's a huge fan of the magazine… a subscriber, indeed) for a future feature. However, SFX certainly made an impression on Friel in one way. Your dopey scribe decided to use his mobile phone to record the press conference (don't ask why) and at least had the sense to turn off the ringing tone before placing it on the desk in front of Friel and co. Trouble is, there's a dancing Dalek attached to the phone, who spins and glows blue when there's an incoming call. You can guess the rest.

A rather bemused-looking Friel stared at the damned thing quizzically before picking up the phone and moving it to the edge of the desk so that the Dalek was dangling over the edge and out of her vision. But where everybody else in the room could see it all the better...

And let's face it – a room full of journos and only one from an SF mag? The circumstantial evidence was, sadly, overwhelming.

Now where the page on digital dictaphones in the Argos catalogue?