Animal Crossing's Isabelle totally snaps in new Doom 2 mod

Isabelle has had enough. After earning her reputation as a joyful Shih Tzu with a cute little topknot in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it seems she's done being type-casted. In a new Doom 2 mod that makes Isabelle an immortal companion to the player, the cheerful pooch uncomfortably content trudging through demon guts and blood-splattered dungeon walls.

If you have a certain image of Isabelle and you'd rather hold onto it, watch the trailer for the mod at your own risk. You'll see the villager doing not-that-chill things like bludgeoning demons with her hammer, sweeping around a scythe, and chugging whiskey straight from the bottle. Fun aside, the mod is incredibly well done. Isabelle not only helps you kill baddies, but also tosses you health pots and does little animations while idling.

This absolute riot of a mod comes from It's Me Veronica (via VG247), and it runs on an advanced source port called ZDoom. The developer single-handedly made the whole mod, including the wonderful Isabelle sprites, "from scratch" in about a week. With that, they say it's possible you'll find bugs and glitches, which you can report to the developer via Discord.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom Eternal both launched to fanfare on Friday, March 20. Since the two games are so laughably opposite to each other, there was some hope that one of them would feature a cheeky reference to the other, but to no avail. For now, Isabelle's new Doom 2 mod is as close as we can get to a crossover.

If you thought New Horizons might sell well amidst a global pandemic, you're gosh darn right it is.

Jordan Gerblick

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