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Animal Crossing: New Horizons mermaid DIY recipe set - How to get all the new items

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Thanks to a big July update, there are some brand new recipes to collect in New Horizons. To celebrate the fact you can now swim, and collect sea creatures, there is a new Animal Crossing: New Horizons mermaid DIY recipes set to collect and create for your island. 

This brand new set is all themed around those mysterious, mythical sea creatures, and are cute enough to make even Ariel jealous. In order to collect the full mermaid DIY recipe set, you're going to need to meet up with Pascal, the otter character who's made appearances in many other games in the series, as he will trade you these recipe cards for scallop shells that you can find while diving.

How to find Pascal in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Pascal will appear at random after you've found a scallop while diving - seemingly once per day. He will ask if he can have the scallop you've got in your pocket, and trade you either for an Animal Crossing: New Horizons mermaid recipe, or a pearl. It's these pearls that you'll need to craft the various mermaid recipes, along with a selection of the normal shells that you can find scattered along the beach in-game. 

How to find pearls in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Like the Animal Crossing: New Horizons sea creatures, pearls can be found by diving down in the sea while you're out swimming. Although they aren't technically sea creatures, they still appear as one of the random spawns hiding under the bubbles in the ocean. 

To grab one, look out for bubbles rising to the surface while you're swimming. Position yourself above the bubbles, and press Y to dive. Align yourself with the shadow on the bottom of the ocean, and your character will automatically grab whatever is down there. It'll either be one of the 40 new sea creatures, or a pearl. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons mermaid DIY recipe set

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This is the full list of items that make up the Animal Crossing: New Horizons mermaid DIY recipes set, which you'll have to exchange for over time with Pascal:

  • Mermaid bed
  • Mermaid chair
  • Mermaid closet
  • Mermaid dresser
  • Mermaid flooring
  • Mermaid lamp
  • Mermaid rug
  • Mermaid screen
  • Mermaid shelf
  • Mermaid sofa
  • Mermaid table
  • Mermaid vanity
  • Mermaid wall
  • Mermaid wall clock

It's going to take a while to amass them all - unless you're a naughty time traveller - just make sure to stockpile those pearls!

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