Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mario warp pipes save players commuting time

Animal Crossing: New Horizons warp pipe
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An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has discovered that the new Mario items can do more than just decorate your island.

From today, players can begin picking up the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Super Mario items from their Nook Stop in Resident Services. These items include the likes of 1UP Mushrooms, Super Mario-themed outfits, and Warp Pipes.

Over in the Animal Crossing subreddit, user u/tcn923 shared the discovery in the that the Warp Pipes can actually transport players as high as the third tier of their island, completely eliminating the need to construct any inclines - as long as you’re happy for your villagers to never get themselves up there. 

Guys, Mario Pipes placed on 2nd level can boost you up to 3rd level! This item is a game-changer, it saved me 2 inclines 😁 from r/AnimalCrossing

In the comments, other fans began asking about the warp pipe abilities with one asking “somebody tell me if it will pop you up onto the 4th level?”, to which another fan responded with the unfortunate news that no, players will still be unable to access the fourth tier as normal. 

According to an official post from Nintendo, the warp pipes do have their own set of rules. First of all, in order to warp anywhere, you must place two or more pipes somewhere on your island. If players do decide to utilise more than one pipe, the warp destination will be chosen randomly each time. Secondly, if there is no landing space for the player post-warp, they will just appear at a pipe that does, or return to the pipe they started in. Finally, the warp pipes can be placed outside, but can also be used to travel to the interior of player’s houses. 

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