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Animal Crossing: New Horizons
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It's finally time to get on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Brewster train, because our old feathered friend is finally making a comeback. Thanks to Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0, Brewster is bringing his cafe, The Roost, as an extension to your museum, so you'll very soon be able to go on digital coffee dates with your pals in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and utilize the in-built amiibo phone to invite even more friends over. 

Here's how to get Brewster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and fair warning, in true ACNH style, it's going to take a few days. 

1. Speak to Blathers in the museum

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Before you can take a sip of any kind of coffee in New Horizons, you'll need to go speak to Blathers in the museum. Our owl friend will be having a big old think about how to expand the museum and his plans to add a cafe. After a short interchange, he'll ask you to go looking for his old pal Brewster, who has mysteriously gone missing. The last Blathers heard of him was that he was off looking for gyroids, and suggests that they are found on the islands that Kapp'n takes tours to. 

2. Take a Kapp'n boat ride

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So then, your next step is heading over to see Kapp'n at the pier. Now, it's worth noting that you can only take one Kapp'n tour per day, so if you've already taken a trip, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to go Brewster spotting. But, if you can, it'll cost you 1000 Nook Miles to take a tour, and the first island you'll come to will have a special guest on it. 

3. Find Brewster (and your first Gyroid)

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On the island that you get to via Kapp'n boat, keep your eyes peeled for Brewster. He'll be in the above - and utterly adorable - adventuring gear, looking for gyroids. Go and speak to him, and tell him that you're not actually looking for gyroids but him, and he'll tell you some secrets that you can then take back to Brewster. Before you do that though, make sure you look for a digging spot on the ground, as that's where you'll find your first Animal Crossing: New Horizons gyroid fragment that you can take back to your own island. 

4. Head back to Blathers at the museum

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Once you've spoken to Brewster, head back to speak to Blathers again. He'll be delighted you've made contact, and tell you all the things that will happen next - namely the closure of the museum the next day to pave the way for The Roost to be built.

5. Wait two days

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Ah yes, in true Animal Crossing style, you now need to play the waiting game. The day after you find Blathers, the museum will be closed for remodeling, as it did for the art wing way back in 2020. However, the day after that, you'll be able to go in and greet Brewster at The Roost properly. 

6. Welcome Brewster and The Roost to your island

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Once The Roost has been built, you'll be able to enjoy a cup of Brewster's finest coffee for a mere 200 bells. The aesthetic is suitably classy yet cozy, with Brewster's words accompanied by gently piano music. But, you won't be alone in enjoying Brewster's beverage-making skills, as villagers and other island residents - including the one and only Isabelle - can be found taking a break at The Roost too. Don't forget to take advantage of the new amiibo Call Center too, as, using this phone you can invite characters via amiibo figures and cards to hang out in Brewster's presence with you. It may well be that those invited bring their own special guests with them too - it's quite the VIP spot. Of course, if you're playing with friends, they can also join you in The Roost too for a round of drinks. There's even a cute reaction you'll do together after taking a sip, all while holding a coffee cup with Brewster's face on it. 

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