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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fall update - the best Halloween costumes so far

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Fall update just launched, and people are already using the new customization tools to become their favorite characters from pop culture. The Halloween update lets you make custom designs and apply them to your face, and coupled with new skin and eye color options, the potential for Halloween costumes is nearly limitless.

If there's one thing you can depend on the Animal Crossing community for, it's creativity. We've all seen some of the amazing islands that players have put together, but Halloween is all about transforming yourself into something else, whether that's a horror movie icon or your favorite superhero. And with almost a month to go before the big day, we've already got a healthy round-up of inspiring Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween costumes.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Who knew Nintendo programmed Bill Skarsgård's trademark Pennywise grin into Animal Crossing: New Horizons? It's the cherry on top of an incredibly creative makeup job, custom dress, and of course the red balloon Pennywise uses to lure poor Georgie to his untimely demise at the beginning of 2017's It. Cheers to Schiwchi (opens in new tab) for purging the curse of Pennywise from Derry and bringing it to this unsuspecting Animal Crossing island.

Guy Fieri

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The only actual human being eccentric enough to deserve his own Animal Crossing Halloween costume, Guy Fieri by dollhovse (opens in new tab) makes excellent use of the interior of Biff's house, which looks just like the sort of place you'd find Fieri, and really anyone who makes regular use of a shirt with flames, frequenting. This is also the perfect Animal Crossing Halloween costume for the procrastinator that throws together something at the last minute, as all you need is the custom design for the shirt and a stock beard from the Able Sisters. Here's hoping this Reddit user had some foresight and named their island Flavortown.

Kratos, Dr. Manhattan, The Joker, and The Hulk

(Image credit: Nintendo/MrTommyboy247 (via Reddit))

This one was almost disqualified due to the fact that Redditor MrTommyboy247 (opens in new tab) admits there was some "slight photoshopping" involved to get Dr. Manhattan just right, but the creativity on display was too hard to pass up. The makeup on Joker coupled with that chaotic evil expression, the glorious beard on Kratos, and the subtle touch of red on the Hulk's face - it's all just perfect, and for the most part you can replicate these costumes yourself with a little bit of effort.

Geralt the Witcher

(Image credit: Nintendo)

You can tell from his expression that the lack of sex, killing, and ale in Animal Crossing isn't making Geralt of Rivia very happy. Redditor Frootcakes (opens in new tab) deserves massive props for the intricate design of Geralt's tunic, the scar stretching across the Witcher's face, and the perfectly stoic expression. Make sure you pair this one with the 'Toss a Coin to Your Witcher' Animal Crossing island tune to complete the scene.

Sadness from Inside Out

(Image credit: Nintendo/Pixar/m_popps (via Reddit))

This one's perfect for Pixar fans that want a good, accurate costume without putting in a ton of work. All you need to do is paint your face blue, get the right haircut and sunglasses, and put on a white sweater with blue jeans. Of course, you'll need to have the Sadness reaction to pull off the costume, but once you get the pose right your islander looks almost exactly like Sadness from Inside Out, which is honestly a bit too relatable in 2020. Cheers, m_popps (opens in new tab).

Edward Scissorhands

(Image credit: Nintendo/nanaGnarlos (via Reddit))

You'd think an Edward Scissorhands Halloween costume wouldn't qualify without the whole scissorhands thing, but nanaGnarlos's work (opens in new tab) is just too good to ignore. The straps, buckles, and buttons on the leather outfit are particularly impressive, and the shaggy black hair, ghostly white skin, and sullen expression sell the package. Take some time to get the outfit right, find some bushes to pose next to, and have a Burtonesque Halloween this year in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Midna from Twilight Princess

(Image credit: Nintendo/Naydinfar-Crossing (via Reddit))

This one probably tops the list just for the sheer creativity and level of detail on display here. Your opinion of Midna and Zelda: Twilight Princess aside, you have to appreciate the artistry. Better yet, Redditor Naydinfar-Crossing (opens in new tab) was generous enough to provide the design code for the costume: MA: 4929-5324-1073.

To give as many players as possible the exposure their costumes deserve, we didn't include more than one costume for each creator. But in this case, it's more than worth mentioning that the same creator also has an incredible Dark Link costume, which you can check out here (opens in new tab).

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