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How to perform the Animal Crossing: New Horizons infinite item duplication glitch

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Thanks to an infinite item trick in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it's a lot easier to make a ton of bells. Fast.

The glitch lets you duplicate any item that you can place on top of something - like cat grass, or an hourglass, or the Nintendo Switch you get in the mail when you first boot up the game.  The glitch was discovered and posted by YouTube user GameXplain, and you can find it here, but we'll summarize it for you.

First, you need two players, so call a second player over to your island. Then place the object you want to clone on top of a piece of furniture that can hold other items and have the second player rotate that piece of furniture while you pick it up. Boom, duplication, baby - you should have the item in your pockets and another on the piece of furniture. You can do this ad infinitum, and considering some of these objects go for several thousand bells, you'll be rolling in Tom Nook's currency of choice faster than you can say "Nook Miles." 

Kotaku points out that you can technically do this without another human player, as you can make a second character and control each character with separate Joy-Cons. We stan a thrifty Islander.

It's unlikely this glitch will go unpatched, so if you aren't in the mood to pick weeds and catch butterflies and you really want to stick it to the capitalist shill Tom Nook, act fast.

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