Proceed with caution with this new rumoured New Horizons item duplication glitch

(Image credit: Nintendo)

A new item duplication glitch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is currently doing the rounds, but players appear to be getting mixed results.  

Youtube channel Artificial Switch has uploaded a video showing players how they can try to perform this new glitch in-game to clone items. By using two different sized tables (a 2x2 table, and a 2x1 table), the video shows how they manage to clone a katana. 

They begin by placing the tables in the front room of their house and placing the Katana on the smaller table. In this case, they use a Wooden block Table, and what appears to be a Rattan Low Table. Then, the video instructs you to place the smaller table with the Katana on each side of the larger table, ensuring that it rotates as you move it. 

I gave this a try myself using the same Wooden Block Table and a Low Wooden Table, but didn't have any luck duplicating a TV. Whether it's because I didn't have the right smaller table might be a factor, and could also be down to the items I tried it out with, but it seems to only work under specific circumstances. It's quite a finicky trick to pull off, and going from the comments on YouTube, other players who have tried out the glitch have been experiencing varied outcomes. 

While some do say it worked for them, others report that doing the glitch ate up their item entirely. A player also said the tables you use can eventually become non-functional, and some even fear it may have corrupted their save file. It's definitely best to proceed with caution if you want to try your luck at it. 

This latest glitch comes after a previous item duplication trick was patched out in one of the most recent updates. While it can be tempting to give these glitches a try to make some quick Bells, it goes without saying that it's always best to be careful when you're testing these exploits out. You never know what could happen to your game. 

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