Animal Crossing New Horizons patch eliminates the infinite item duplication glitch

(Image credit: Nintendo)

A new Animal Crossing: New Horizons patch has fixed the infinite item duplication glitch. 

The 1.1.1 patch that has now rolled out has a very simple message in the patch notes, “Fixed a serious bug affecting game balance.”

That serious bug was an infinite item duplication glitch that allowed players to keep copying items by rotating an item on a piece of furniture. When you went to grab said item on the rotating object, you would get an item in your pocket, as well as keeping the item that was spinning around. It was a handy trick if you wanted to quickly pay off Tom Nook and live your New Horizons life without that Tanuki's suffocating debt worrying you for too long.

Nintendo quickly caught on to the cheats though, and has got this fix for the game in less than a week. While the more immoral among us might sigh, it's good to see that Nintendo have been swift in addressing it. No one wins when you cheat, after all. If you still feel like you'd like to dabble with some crafty item duplication, just don't install the latest update. Isabelle may frown, and you won't be able to play online, but who cares about that when you Nook Miles account is overflowing? 

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