Amy Smart gets frisky for Crank 2

Someone should really tell Amy Smart that appearing out in public in just your pants and with gaffer tape covering your nipples will get you a little bit of attention. But it’s not a fashion statement – it’s a scene from Crank 2 which sees Smart and on-screen boyfriend Jason Statham tangle with the cops as he has another heart-related nightmare. Smart fans can get their own hearts racing at JFX online .

Meanwhile, over in New York, Tony Scott, Denzel Washington and John Travolta are hard at work right now remaking cult classic The Taking Of Pelham 123 for your viewing pleasure.

Since Denzel is taking on a role originated by Walter Matthau (of veteran subway detective Zachary “Z” Garber, a man faced with a very bad day at work when crooks hijack a train), we’re pleased to see he’s suitably grizzled. Check him out over at Just Jared .