Among Us gets quickchat wheel on all platforms

Among Us quickchat wheel
(Image credit: InnerSloth)

InnerSloth has announced the arrival of a new quickchat feature for Among Us that allows players to communicate simple messages using various prompts. The quickchat wheel should prove useful to players using text chat, particularly for those playing on Switch, as the console's tool for typing out messages is especially cumbersome to navigate.

Notably, players under the age of 18 are currently restricted to only using the quickchat wheel for communicating with other players, though InnerSloth says it's actively working on lowering that age requirement to 13

While the new feature will surely be a welcome convenience to some Among Us players using text chat, players on the younger side might feel restricted when trying to navigate complex social situations. Even so, the age restriction might be for the best, and it sounds like InnerSloth's intention is to make the game a safer space for kids.

"We've just added Quickchat (v 2021.2.21) - this is an easier, faster, and safer option to play if you're using text chat!" reads a tweet the studio sent out Friday. "More info in game. i know you're waiting for the big update news too. the ball is rolling, promise i'll get u more info soon!"

Shortly after the update went live, InnerSloth revealed that a glitch was affecting lobbies and games "on some platforms" and that the developers are currently hard at work on a fix.

Today's update is but a small prelude to a much larger update coming at a later date, but the developers are staying tight-lipped about what's included.

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