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Amazon's Gold Box is all PS3 today

The Gold Box, Amazon’s gift to the skinflints, has exploded todaywithPS3 deals aplenty. Dante’s Inferno is $38.99 all day, but you should start paying attention to the Lightning deals if you haven’t already.

The dirtcheap deals that have come and gone already include Batman: Arkham Asylum for $29.99 and Tekken 6 for $17.99, but there are still four more deals to go. Here’s what's being hinted at:

-1:00PM PST: You might have played this RPG on your 360.
Our Guess:Star Ocean: The Last Hope... or Eternal Sonata
-4:00PM PST: Help Lego Dr. Jones through your favorite cinematic moments.
Our Guess: Lego Indiana Jones
-6:00 PM PST: Wave around your PS3
Our Guess: Don’t get your hope up for Move… probably thePS3 BluWave remote
-7:00 PM PST: Don't "tapout" on this great MMA deal.
Our Guess: UFC: Undisputed 2009

Click hereto see 'em all, and happy hunting.

March 22, 2010