Amazon fixes New World's global chat exploit

New World
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Amazon has now addressed an issue that was crashing games every time someone sent images – and worse – via its global chat client.

"Earlier today, we discovered an issue where players were able to post images and other links in the chat that resulted in unsavory behavior," explained community manager, "Luxendra" on the game's official forums (thanks, TheGamer) – although they didn't get into the specifics of what that "unsavory behavior" entailed.

"We have enabled a fix that should resolve this issue and prevent players from abusing and exploiting this feature. This should already be enabled in each region. 

"Thank you for your patience while we investigated and resolved this issue. See you in Aeternum!"

Consequently, anyone caught injecting code into the chat client will get a permaban for their troubles. The meme-worthy influx of "sausage spam" in the global chat has been addressed after players reported seeing "large images of sausages" – or indeed, any in-game item, including milk and coins – although this later also seemed to include non-game images. At best, this behavior was making global chat unusable and at worst, it was crashing games entirely. 

ICYMI, Amazon was recently forced to increase server capacity for every world in a bid to reduce New World queue times. Amazon Game Studios made the announcement at the same time as thanking its million-plus players.

In case you wondered, no, there are no plans to bring New World to console just yet. Amazon Games has been clear in its messaging that, for now at least, New World will remain a PC exclusive for the foreseeable future. This might be a problem for some given that, as recently as just a few weeks back, players were once again reported that playing New World was bricking GPUs.

Amazon has since refuted the claims, however, and told GamesRadar+: "We have received a small number of reports of players encountering issues with GeForce RTX cards. After a lengthy investigation, we have verified that there is no unusual behavior from New World that causes these issues."

If you're just getting started with Amazon's new game, head over to our New World Factions guide for a complete rundown of all the groups you can join.

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