Is New World on Xbox, PS4 or console?

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After all the queues, asking is New World on Xbox, PS4 or console isn't an unreasonable question. Amazon Games’ colonial MMO has launched on PC, but unfortunately, you can’t play New World on Xbox, PS4 or any other console at the moment. And it’s not looking good in the future either right now, so let's see what we know currently and what the developer has said about what’s happening with New World on other platforms.

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Is New World on Xbox, PS4, or other consoles?

At the moment, it’s a hard ‘no’ on the possibility of a console port for New World. Since its PC launch on September 28, lots of people have been asking about a version of the game for Xbox , PS4 or consoles on Twitter, but Amazon Games has said that New World will remain a PC exclusive for the foreseeable future. You can currently buy New World on only Steam or Amazon – obviously.

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Global PC part shortages and high part prices have been one of the main reasons a lot of players have not been able to check out New World on their PC. While consoles, haven’t been immune to these problems either, at least a lot of people have been able to buy them. New World might be a bit high end for the last-gen Xbox One and PS4, a slightly compromised port for the Xbox Series X and PS5 might not be impossible.

Although, from what we’ve played of New World so far, it doesn’t seem like a console port would work particularly well anyway. In terms of gameplay, the moment-to-moment aspects like combat, exploration, and resource gathering would likely be just fine on a controller. However, the more granular systems like Factions, character inventory management, and crafting would probably be much harder to navigate with sticks and buttons instead of clicking and moving a mouse.

New World appears to have been developed as a PC-exclusive from the start and with mouse and keyboard as its sole input system. For a console port to even work slightly, an entire user interface overhaul would be needed to make everything much more legible for a console experience. New World currently offers no native controller support either, so even if you want to use a controller, you’ll need some third-party tools to make the game usable with your preferred pad.

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