What are the New World queue times?

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New World queue times have been quite long as hundreds of thousands of players have been trying to find a server for Amazon Games’ new colonial MMORPG. Set on the supernatural island of Aeternum, New World sees players explore and conquer the land and other players as part of a large-scale faction war during the Age of Exploration. Since launch day, lots of new servers have been added to reduce queue times and spread players out. While it looks like a lot of the initial problems have been more or less solved, be patient if you can’t find a short queue right away as you’ll get into New World eventually.

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How long are the New World queue times?

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At the moment, server queue times can vary massively depending on your server region. Some have queues of thousands of players which can last a couple of hours, while others are much shorter lasting just a few minutes. New World has a few regional servers in major continental regions around the world and each one is split into many ‘worlds’ that you can join. These worlds have wildly different queue times, but since players can’t switch worlds without also losing their character, you’re locked in, for now at least. The New World developers at Amazon Games have now over doubled their initial server count to tackle the player overflow that’s causing the queues.

When you first open New World, you’ll have to pick a world server to join, and you’ll be able to see how many players are currently in the queue. Your best option will be to pick the one with the lowest number of players currently queuing if you want to get into New World quickly. Even with new server worlds getting added by the developers, it might be best for you to join any server with a relatively low player count just to save your spot in the queue. Anything around 1,000 players is going to result in a significant queue time, but at least you will get in eventually. Your other option is to keep refreshing the server list to see if the developers have added more worlds to join. These should have a very low queue time but will likely fill up fast.

Even when you do get into the game, be aware of server stability issues. As an MMO launching in 2021, there are inevitably going to be some server issues as players flood in to get into New World. Be patient as you begin your adventure. Some of the regional servers have been temporarily taken down or reset to alleviate some stability issues, so don’t be surprised if you get kicked out of the game. Keep an eye on the New World Twitter account for any updates.

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