New World server capacity will be increased for every existing world

New World settlement market
(Image credit: Amazon Games)

New World developers are working to increase the capacity of every available server in an aim to reduce New World queue times.

In an announcement on the official New World Twitter account, the development team at Amazon Game Studios thanks the one million players who flocked to New World when it launched earlier this week, promising that despite the rocky start, it's working to increase sever capacity on every available server.

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That's surely nothing but music to the ears of those who have been struggling to play New World since it launched. As soon as New World debuted, players were reporting lengthy queue times to log into servers for the game around the world, no matter which region they were in, which ultimately spawned some pretty entertaining memes from those waiting.

One solution to the ongoing queue times was previously floated by the development team. Amazon Game Studios previously announced that they'd be making server transfers free of charge for the next two weeks for all players, so those left waiting for prolonged periods could switch servers at will to a less populated location.

In the new post though, the development team reveals that this feature is at the top of its priority list for New World, and it hopes to be able to launch it at some point next week. Hopefully this temporary solution proves to be effective before the server capacity for New World is eventually expanded at some point down the road. 

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