New World will offer free server transfers to combat queue times

New World
(Image credit: Amazon Game Studios)

New World free server transfers are being offered for the next two weeks.

Just yesterday on September 28, New World developer Amazon Game Studios posted the tweet seen below. In the statement, the developer thanks the game's dedicated community for enduring extensive servers queues over the past 24 hours, and says that in an effort to speed things along, they'll offer the opportunity to switch servers for free for all players at some point over the next two weeks.

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Right now, there's no indication as to when this opportunity will be going live for all New World players. It's no doubt a relief for existing players to know that the feature is coming though and that the long waits to get into the New World servers could be at an end thanks to this opportunity.

New World has been a success for Amazon Game Studios since it launched just yesterday. The new MMO has already smashed 700,000 concurrent players, and has also surpassed 925,000 players over the last 24 hours. Those are two absolutely staggering figures and give a pretty good backdrop to the server struggles of New World.

New World has actually had a bit of a turbulent development period over the last six months. Amazon delayed the new MMO a total of three times, and during the open beta period earlier this year, there were even reports that the game was completely bricking prestigious Nvidia 3090 GPUs. Amazon insisted the open beta was safe to participate in however, and things proceeded as normal with the preview period.

Check out our New World queue times guide for a complete tracker on current times facing new players. 

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