Amazing Spider-Man might have just gotten a surprising new supporting cast member

Amazing Spider-Man #7 panel
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As a relatable teen superhero making her way to adulthood while navigating the interwoven challenges of her family life and being a hero, Kamala Khan-Ms. Marvel has often been compared to Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man. And with good reason, because as we just laid out, she's the spiritual heir apparent to the now adult Peter Parker's mix of teenage angst and superheroics, just as her pal Miles Morales is Peter's actual successor as Spider-Man.

And now, the worlds of Kamala Khan and Peter Parker are colliding unexpectedly, with the events of Amazing Spider-Man #7 from writer Zeb Wells, artists John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna, and Marcio Menyz, and letterer Joe Caramagna, which spells out what could be a growing story association for Peter and Kamala.

Mild spoilers ahead for Amazing Spider-Man #7.

Amazing Spider-Man #7 page

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In Amazing Spider-Man #7, Peter Parker is invited to the headquarters of the new OsCorp by his old foe Norman Osborn, who has recently seemed to turn over a new leaf (though Peter understandably has his doubts). 

As shown in announcements leading up to Amazing Spider-Man #7, Norman Osborn offers Peter a job, as well as a new, souped-up Spider-Man suit. And along the way, Pete has a particularly awkward run-in with his now once-again-ex Mary Jane Watson, which sheds few clues as to why they broke up again, or what the resolution to MJ's Hellfire Gala story will be (this issue technically takes place before the X-Men: Hellfire Gala one-shot).

But Peter also has a run-in with none other than Kamala Khan, who is interning at OsCorp in their renewable energy division. And appropriately, they share a completely awkward moment that captures the spirit of the ol' Parker luck.

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As Peter awkwardly makes his introduction to Kamala, she manages to inadvertently insult Peter's former company Parker Industries, while spilling a flask of some kind of fluid she's working with - catching most of it, and cleaning the rest up as she stumbles through the meeting.

Sounds a lot like something that would've happened to a certain Peter Parker in his teenage years - or even his adulthood - no?

Though the shared moment of awkwardness feels like Peter Parker passing on a spiritual baton to Marvel's current reigning Most Awkward Teenager Ever, it also hints at the possibility Kamala may stick around to become more of a supporting cast member for Spider-Man for the OsCorp arc.

The story continues in August 24's Amazing Spider-Man #8.

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