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Amazing Spider-Man movie game coming next year from developer Beenox

We suppose we all knew in our hearts that Activision was going to publish a game based on the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man film, but now we know for sure. Spotted at New York Comic Con was a poster advertising the title and, if the logos on the bottom are to be believed, it's being developed by Beenox, the team behind the last two Spider-Man games which were at best a mixed bag.

Above: Image courtesy of IGN

It isn't a shock Activision is sticking with Beenox as the Spidey developer, but we’re a little worried that it’s coming out so soon after the last Spider-Man game. If Amazing Spider-Man follows basically every other movie game Activision has published, it’ll hit stores around July 4 when the film comes out, which is almost exactly nine months after the Spider-Man: Edge of Time was launched, which is a game we weren't in love. Thinking logically, how can Beenox turn around a great game in less than a year after putting out a sub-par title this month? Our only hope is that Edge of Time disappointed because Beenox was putting their best guys on Amazing Spider-Man. That must be it, right?

Oct 14, 2011

Henry Gilbert
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