What do you get when you turn Peter Parker into the Green Goblin? Spider-Goblin, of course

Amazing Spider-Man #53
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It turns out the new Goblin Marvel Comics was teasing a little while back is actually none other than Peter Parker, who will once again be bonded with the sins of Norman Osborn, this time going full Goblin, as seen on Ed McGuiness' now fully revealed cover for Amazing Spider-Man #53.

Exactly how this happens remains to be seen, but last we saw, the "sins of Norman Osborn" - the metaphysical essence of his murderous dark side - was imbued in a spear by Queen Goblin, who gave it to Kraven, who stabbed Peter Parker with it, filling him with Osborn's sins and bringing out Peter's own dark side

Though Peter was later purged, the spear remains - and its creator, Queen Goblin, just reappeared in Amazing Spider-Man #47 alongside Hallow's Eve and Chasm. 

This all seems to be leading to Amazing Spider-Man #50, which will bring back the original line-up of the Sinister Six, while also putting Norman Osborn's fate in the balance.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

For the last few years, Osborn has been a changed man - literally. After the villain known as the Sin-Eater purged Norman's aforementioned metaphysical dark side, Norman began repenting for his past deeds as the Green Goblin. He's since become an ally to Peter Parker by employing him at OsCorp, and to Spider-Man as the heroic Gold Goblin.

But writer Zeb Wells has been teasing Osborn's fall from grace and potential return to his Green Goblin identity for some time, with the 'Easy Being Green' arc which kicks of in Amazing Spider-Man #50 seemingly the breaking point in the saga.

Still, I'm holding out hope for Norman. His progression as a character, into a kind of reluctant father figure for Peter Parker (who in turn fills the Harry Osborn-shaped void in Norman's heart) has been touching and often tragic to read, and it would be a shame for all of it to be undone.

Whatever happens, at some point, there will be a new Goblin - a Spider-Goblin. And the likelihood of Peter ending up a Goblin long term is very slim, when weighed against the chances of Norman once again falling into his old, villainous habits.

Amazing Spider-Man #53 goes on sale in July.

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