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Amazing new Olga Kurylenko nude pictures!

Yet another of our favourite actresses has decided that clothes are rubbish.

Thank you Olga Kurylenko. You can see the pictures by going to the gallery to your right.

She's been naked before in films like The Ring Finger, of course. But these shots are the most naked we've seen her in print. She's prancing around totally in the buff, without a care in the world.

Either she's proud of what God gave her - and why shouldn't she be? - or this is some sort of Emperor's New Clothes type situation and she's been convinced she's wearing an invisible dress.

Whatever, head for the gallery to your right to see the shots. And here's a tip - when you're in the gallery, right click on the shot, hit view image, and you can see bigger versions of the pictures. Ace!

The pictures come from the Ukraine Maxim. Thank you, Ukraine.