Altered Carbon canceled after two seasons at Netflix

(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix has decided against ordering a third season for Altered Carbon, which wrapped its second season earlier this year.

According to Deadline, Altered Carbon's cancellation isn't a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but rather a simple judgment of viewership to cost renewal. Although both seasons of the Netflix series were generally well-received, it sounds like it wasn't pulling in the viewership figures to warrant a third season. Here's a bit from GamesRadar's Altered Carbon review:

"Overall, Altered Carbon tells a solid story with some great characters. The lavish world is the true star here, and while it's rarely a place any of us would want to live in, it's impossible to stop yourself admiring the way it’s constructed. While the whodunnit mystery isn't quite as clever as it could have been, nor the sub-plots as compelling, this is well worth plugging into your life for its full ten-hour runtime. Your mind will be blown, your stomach turned, and your curiosity aroused - just not for every minute of every episode."

Following the finale of Altered Carbon season 2, Netflix adapted the series into an anime movie, which is actually the perfect format for the story's dystopian sci-fi themes. It might not be a suitable replacement for the would-be third season of Altered Carbon, but it might be worth a look for fans of the series looking for something to fill the void.

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