Alphas Season Two: Guest Star News

Alphas seems to be taking over from Chuck as the show that snaps up guest stars with sci-fi and fantasy credentials (well if you add in the provisos a – other than shows run by former Lost producers using actors from Lost ,and b – and other than Continuum which uses every guest star you’ve seen in every other made-in-Canada show).

Season two will include the return of Summer Glau ( Firefly , The Cape ) as the super-intelligent Skylar Adams, who will return for three episodes.

The Lord of the Rings actor Sean Astin (Sam) will appear as Roland, an Alpha with a sponge-like brain that allows him to assume the memories of others and then replay them like a tape recorder.

C Thomas Howell ( Southland , ET ) will be appearing as an Alpha with super-speed abilities out for revenge.

Lauren Holly (N CIS ) will play a senator with mysterious ties to a member of the clandestine organisation.

Also returning are John Pyper-Ferguson ( Caprica ) as “Perfect Alpha” Stanton Parish and Kathleen Munroe ( SGU Stargate Universe) as Dr Rosen’s empath daughter Dani.

[via TVLine ]

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