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All these Switch Dogs are good boys, but you decide who's best

When Nintendo debuted the Switch (opens in new tab) to the eager masses, it do so with flair and aplomb. And while plenty were pumped about a system that could play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in their hands as well as it could play it on a TV, there were just as many who took the console's unique design as… let's call it "artistic inspiration." Thus, Switch Dog was born.

When you slide the two Joy-Con controllers into the included Joy-Con Grip, it kind of looks like a dog's face, albeit one with slightly askew eyes, floppy ears, and buttons on its face. With just a week before the Nintendo Switch launch, we figured it was time to settle once and for all which of these canine console companions is the best. Meet the contenders below, then take a vote at the bottom of this article.

Contestant #1

Credit: AnnaTheRed (opens in new tab)

Contestant #2

Credit: psibluscout (opens in new tab)

Contestant #3

Credit: Ratherfarthrow (opens in new tab)

Contestant #4

Credit: Mutsurf (opens in new tab)

Contestant #5

Credit: Gats (opens in new tab)

Contestant #6

Credit: The Regressor (opens in new tab)

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