First trailer for Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott's fantasy romance promises an epic love story

The first trailer for fantasy romance All of Us Strangers is here, and it showcases the love story between Andrew Scott's Adam and Paul Mescal's Harry.

Loosely based on the 1987 novel 'Strangers' by Taichi Yamada, this version is set initially in modern-day London. Screenwriter Adam lives in a sparsely occupied high-rise where he meets his mysterious neighbor Henry and the pair begin a romantic relationship. 

Things soon take on a whiff of the supernatural though as Adam returns to his childhood home. Having lost his parents long when he was just a child, he's bewildered to find them alive and well, having not aged in 30 years. To add to the already star-studded cast, they're played by Claire Foy and Jamie Bell in the new movie.

Set to 'Always on My Mind', the trailer follows Adam and Henry as they try to connect while dealing with the traumas of their past. "You, and me, together, in the world," Scott's Adam says in what promises to be a moving story of love.

The film has already received a lot of acclaim from its early screenings with Total Film giving it five stars, calling it "satisfying, emotional, and bold", with particular praise for both Mescal's and Scott's performances. "It’s part romance, part fantasy, part thriller, and more besides," he concludes, "it’s a very moving piece of work, and a testament to the power of love."

All of Us Strangers arrives in US theaters on December 22 and in UK cinemas on January 26, 2024. For more upcoming movies, here's you guide to the 2023 movie release dates still to come.

Fay Watson

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