Aliens: Dark Descent looks horrifically similar to its movie inspiration

Aliens: Dark Descent
(Image credit: Sega)

Aliens: Dark Descent is a brand new horror game coming next year in 2023.

First revealed earlier today at the Summer Game Fest 2022, the brand new Aliens game looks like a big departure from the likes of Colonial Marines and Fireteam Elite before it. An atmospheric trailer showed a marine talking to comrades about his harrowing experiences, before the scene flashed back to what him and his squad had gone through.

The entire thing looks horrific, which is just what you'd expect from the Aliens franchise at large. We saw the squad battling it out with the Xenomorphs, as well as something which at first appeared to be human, but on further inspection looked like something more akin to a monster or a cyborg.

That'll be something pleasant and new to battle further down the line. In fact, there was even a teaser for the Alien queen herself, as the final moments of the trailer showed a tongue with its own set of teeth bursting forth from a Xenomorphs mouth. This sure is taking after Aliens, alright.

Aliens: Dark Descent releases next year at some point in 2023. Right now, we know only that it'll be coming to both new and last-gen consoles at launch, as well as PC, hitting Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, and PS5. The new game even has a Steam store page already live, so you can peruse that for details and screenshots of the horrific new shooter.

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Hirun Cryer

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