Aliens Colonial Marines campaign DLC sneaks out

Sega has quietly launched Aliens: Colonial Marines campaign DLC in the form of the Stasis Interrupted pack. Previously rumoured but never officially confirmed, the last piece of DLC for the game tells the story of what happened to Hicks between Aliens and Alien 3. It’s available to download now on Xbox Live and presumably it won’t be long before it pops up on PlayStation Store and Steam too.

Stasis Interrupted is available free to Colonial Marines season pass holders and priced at 800 MS Points (£6.85 / €9.60 / $10.00) standalone. According to the product description: “In this new campaign you play as 3 different characters through an interlocking story. Waking up unexpectedly from hypersleep, Lisbeth and others must figure out why the spaceship they are on, the Legato, has been diverted to intercept the Sulaco leaving LV-426's orbit. Fight your way through the alien infested spaceship, find out what Michael Weyland is after and discover what truly happened to Hicks.”

Colonial Marines launched on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in February to poor reviews. Not one version of the title managed to scrape a 50 Metascore and a planned Wii U release was cancelled in April. Alongside three multiplayer add-ons, a series of updates designed to improve the game have also been released, but for many franchise fans who spent years waiting for the game as it endured a protracted and clearly troubled development period, it was all too little too late.