Alan Wake Remastered listed on Epic Games Store database

Alan Wake
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Alan Wake Remastered has been referred to on the Epic Games Store database.

Earlier today on June 18, VGC first noted that EpicData, a tracking website which pulls new items listed on storefronts, featured a new item codenamed "Heron." Upon further inspection, this item actually refers to "AlanWakeRemastered" in its source files, as well as game developer Remedy Entertainment.

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This is a pretty strong indicator that a remastered version of Alan Wake is actually coming at some point in the future. Right now though, there's been no comment or confirmation on the matter from either developer Remedy or Epic Games, so we'll have to wait and see whether the listing actually turns out to be accurate.

If this is true, however, it wouldn't be Remedy's first collaboration with Epic Games. Last year in March 2020, Epic Games announced that they were forming a new publishing label, which would be signing future games from several publishers around the world, including Playdead, Gen Design, and Remedy Entertainment.

Over a year later, we don't yet know what this new game from Remedy actually is. However, last month in May 2021, Remedy revealed in a financials briefing that the game developed in partnership with Epic Games would be "soon moving into full production." 

Remedy currently has four games in the works (that we know of), including the project in collaboration with Epic. Most likely to launch first is CrossfireX, the single-player portion of Smilegate's online shooter, which is currently slated to launch at some point this year. Then there's a free-to-play multiplayer game called Vanguard, and, finally, there's an unnamed fourth game in production, which Remedy previously revealed was smaller in scope than the game developed with Epic.

The Finnish company sure has plenty of projects up in the air. Could they also have room to remaster Alan Wake, an action-based survival horror game that is now well over a decade old? Or has this mysterious remaster been outsourced to another developer? Either way, we're glad to potentially see the Twin Peaks-inspired cult favorite returning. 

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