All Alan Wake 2 lunch box locations and where to find them

Alan Wake 2 lunch box
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Alan Wake 2 lunchboxes are useful but well-hidden collectibles that hold Manuscript Fragments for upgrading Saga's weapons. You can start finding them in the first few hours of the game as you explore the Cauldron Lake area, but there are many that you can only reach after you've progressed Saga's story and cause the Alan Wake 2 maps to change, so you'll need to thoroughly explore every nook to uncover all the lunch boxes. These curious Alex Casey-themed packs also contain cryptic messages too, with one of the Alan Wake 2 cases tasking you with finding out who is leaving these boxes around. To help you get all 21 lunch boxes in Alan Wake 2, we've marked them on the maps below.

Lunchboxes in Alan Wake 2 are marked by the presence of dreamcatchers and brightly coloured stones in the area - if you can see those, there's a lunch box nearby.

For that reason we've got the locations of all the lunch boxes in Alan Wake 2 you can find, arranged roughly in the order you can find them and broken up into regions: aka, Cauldron Lake, Bright Falls and Watery, as well as when and what you'll need to get them. Yes, we've got every single lunch box below - and that means a ton of manuscript pieces for weapon upgrades!

All Cauldron Lake lunch boxes

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You'll visit Cauldron Lake multiple times and be able to find a few more lunch boxes at each return. The first time you come back flooding will have receded and opened some more areas - and if you wait until the point where you're back with the bolt cutters, you'll be able to get them all.

  1. Near Waterfall (first visit)
  2. Near Witch's Hut (first visit)
  3. Near Campsite (first visit)
  4. Near Landslide (first visit)
  5. FBC monitoring station (first visit)
  6. Rangers Cabin / Witchfinders Station (second visit)
  7. Bottom of the Waterfall (second visit)
  8. Inside the Rental Cabin (second visit, requires bolt cutters)

All Bright Falls lunch boxes

Alan Wake 2 lunch box locations map

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You'll only be able to get one lunch box in Bright Falls the first time you arrive, but after being told to head to the Valhalla Nursing Home, you'll be able to get all the lunch boxes in the visit that follows, as you'll unlock the bolt cutters during your adventures at the home and wellness center, allowing access to boxes 4-7 afterwards.

  1. The Park (first visit)
  2. Left before the narrow path to Valhalla (second visit)
  3. Room on the right when first entering Valhalla Nursing Home (second visit)
  4. Behind a shrug on the right when leaving the back entrance of Valhalla (second visit, requires bolt cutters)
  5. On a risen grassy knoll overlooking the cabin (second visit, requires bolt cutters)
  6. Under a tree at the edge of the beach, overlooking a nearby Rhyme (second visit, requires bolt cutters)
  7. Outside the boatyard (second visit, requires bolt cutters)

All Watery lunch boxes

Alan Wake 2 lunch box locations map

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The first time you come to Watery, you'll be able to get every single box during your visit, meaning no return adventures are necessary (unless you want to get the rhymes and other collectibles, admittedly). Keep in mind that you won't be able to get them immediately when you first arrive, but follow the story to open up the region and by the time you're done with your first visit as Saga and it's suggesting you go back to Bright Falls, all the below ones will be available.

  1. Next to radio tower North of Watery (first visit)
  2. Found at the North entrance to Coffee World (first visit)
  3. Above the motorcycle club workshop (first visit)
  4. Next to the safe zone down from Watery lighthouse (first visit)
  5. At the lighthouse trailer park (first visit)
  6. Inside the east ticket booth at the Coffee World main entrance (first visit)

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