After player uproar, Diablo Immortal finally offers server transfers

Diablo Immortal players gather on a hill
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Diablo Immortal is getting server merges and character transfers so players will have "an easier time" finding others to party up with, following calls from fans to do over fears the action-RPG was becoming stale. 

Blizzard reveals in a new blog post that character transfers are now available, though players will only get one for free and will have to pay $15 for anymore beyond that. Your character will need to be level 30 before you can transfer, and it can only be done once every 30 days. 

"The ability to transfer your character from one server to another has been among the top requested changes from our community, and we hear you," Blizzard says. "Diablo Immortal is not only a game about slaying demons to obtain powerful loot, but also about having meaningful experiences alongside other players in Sanctuary."

The developer also says that you'll keep all your items, though "any items that your character possesses that can be traded in Wynton's Grand Market will no longer be tradeable".

"This restriction has been added to uphold the integrity of transactions in Wynton's Grand Market and ensure the continued security of your account," Blizzard says. "We understand this might be inconvenient, but hold player safety to the highest standard."

Several servers are also being merged in two weeks, with 12 in both North American data centres being combined in groups of four, leaving us with three servers on each data centre. At the time of writing, there hasn't been any mention of something similar for the European servers. 

The announcement follows calls from fans to merge servers to stop Diablo Immortal's multiplayer-focused activities from going empty and stale. While fans have long thought the game had more servers than needed, shouts grew louder as queue times for matchmade activities lengthened and competition for PvP battles dried up. As we recently reported, Diablo Immortal clans are topping the leaderboards without actually playing the game. 

Character transfers and server merges are good news for Diablo Immortal fans, though monetisation remains a sticking point. Blizzard recently gave players the ability to craft five-star gems without paying anything, though getting the required materials means you'll only be able to do so every nine months. Diablo Immortal's first major update also left fans unconvinced. The game has undoubtedly been financially lucrative for Blizzard, though it appears there's still work to be done to win more fans back over to Diablo Immortal.

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