After being pulled over trademark issues, The Day Before will be back on Steam "soon"

The Day Before
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The Day Before is apparently returning to Steam "soon."

That comment comes from The Day Before developer Fntastic, speaking in a new interview to Australian outlet Well Played. The developer wants to reassure The Day Before fans looking forward to the game around the world that it'll be back on Steam in the near future.

"We want to reassure our community that our Steam page will be reinstated soon. We’ll be back at the top of the wishlists," the full quote from Fntastic reads. "Currently, our primary focus remains on the development of the game itself," the studio continued, explaining that its publisher is handling the trademark dispute.

Fntastic actually said this same statement in another comment nearly two months ago in April. Considering we're now into nearly the middle of June and there's still no sign of The Day Before coming back to Steam, perhaps it's best to take this new comment with some slight scepticism.

If you don't remember the whole deal with The Day Before, allow us to catch you up. Fntastic's open-world MMO zombie shooter was originally pulled off Steam earlier this year in January, not because of a bug, but because the developer had actually forgotten to trademark their own game's name, and was in a heated battle for the name with a calendar app.

This was all in addition to The Day Before's grand gameplay reveal being labelled "boring" by fans, and being delayed by nine whole months into launching near the end of 2023 because of the legal situation surrounding its trademark. The Day Before is promising a lot, being an open-world zombie shooter with MMO and RPG elements, and not everyone's convinced Fntastic can deliver.

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