The Day Before's gameplay reveal called "boring" and "lame" by fans

The Day Before
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The Day Before fans aren't impressed by yesterday's long-awaited gameplay reveal.

Yesterday on February 2, The Day Before fans were finally treated to a 10-minute slice of gameplay from the highly anticipated zombie MMO. Now though, fan reactions haven't been kind to the new gameplay reveal, which you only need to glance at the game's dedicated subreddit to see.

The subreddit post above is highly critical of The Day Before's sound and world design, writing that you could barely even tell a world-ending apocalypse had taken place from the new gameplay. Others in the comments section point out how The Day Before was originally supposed to release next month, which isn't a positive sign for the game.

Elsewhere on the subreddit, the post below lambasts the gameplay's lack of quests, PvP combat, and, you know, actual zombies. The user says there was a lot of "pointless walking" in the gameplay reveal, and commenters are pretty much in agreement, with some even writing that The Day Before's gameplay reveal simply made them reinstall State of Decay 2.

One user intriguingly points out Fntastic's previous claim that they couldn't release gameplay footage over the game's name. Last month, The Day Before was delayed by over half a year due to a trademark issue, but after the developer said they couldn't release footage thanks to the game's legally-disputed name, it's now there for all to see in the new footage.

Considering this was meant to be The Day Before's grand unveiling, things definitely aren't going well for the game so far. There's eight months left before the game is set to actually launch, so we'll have to see if Fntastic rolls out any other footage in the coming months.

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