The Day Before's trademark situation gets even worse thanks to a calendar app

The Day Before
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The Day Before's ongoing trademark challenges are apparently down to a calendar app.

Last month, developer Fnatic announced The Day Before was being delayed from March to November, apparently due to a trademark dispute between the developer and a third party. Now, Fnatic has revealed that the third party in the trademark dispute was the developer of a calendar app, who allegedly wants to "take over the title."

The latest titbit comes as the trademark snafu is resulting in videos from The Day Before's YouTube channel being taken down. So not only has The Day Before been delayed and delisted from Steam due to the copyright strike, but it's also apparently affecting the developer's YouTube videos on top of this whole fiasco.

Developer Fnatic promises in the tweet above that the team will "fight" the trademark dispute with the owner of the calendar app. The responses to the tweet from potential players aren't kind, with many calling the dispute a smokescreen to distract from the game itself, and some even wondering why Fnatic doesn't just change the game's name to 'The Day After.'

Everyone is running out of patience for The Day Before, a zombie MMO which has long promised more than it has ever shown or meaningfully delivered. The Day Before's big gameplay reveal earlier this month, which Fnatic initially cancelled due to the copyright dispute, only to go on to reveal the gameplay anyway, which was then called "boring" and "lame" by fans

The explanation of the ongoing copyright situation by Fnatic is just the latest in an extremely long and excruciating line of developments for The Day Before and its community. With plenty openly wondering if the copyright dispute is even a real issue for Fnatic, and the game's community moderators not even being sure if The Day Before is real, Fnatic has a lot to deliver on.

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