After a seven-month outage, Dark Souls 3's PC servers are having more problems

Dark Souls
(Image credit: FromSoftware)

Stop us if you've heard this one before, but Dark Souls 3's online functions on PC are experiencing difficulties.

The official Dark Souls Twitter account has put out the statement seen just below, acknowledging the new issues with Dark Souls 3's online functions. The problems seem exclusive to copies of the game purchased via Steam instead of directly through publisher Bandai Namco or another third-party retailer like HumbleBundle.

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Right now, it's difficult to say what the problems are with Dark Souls 3's online functions on Steam. There aren't any responses to the tweet above elaborating on the problem, with people mainly reporting on Twitter that they're having issues connecting to the game's servers.

PC servers for Dark Souls 3 were only just reactivated for the first time less than a month ago in late August. The PC servers for the entire Dark Souls trilogy were taken down in January earlier this year, and over 200 days later, only the PC servers for the latest game had been reactivated.

At the time, FromSoftware apologized for the extensive outage and announced that they were still hard at work restoring PC servers for the other two Dark Souls games. Since then though, there's been no further word on PC servers for the other two games, and now things aren't looking great for Dark Souls 3.

Speaking of a waiting game, those rumors of an Armored Core game by FromSoftware still haven't given us anything.

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