Action-RPG standout Stellar Blade might get a sequel if there's demand, director teases

Stellar Blade
(Image credit: Shift Up)

Stellar Blade's director isn't shying away from a potential sequel - and says the action-RPG might well get one if there's a demand for it.

In a new interview with Famitsu, Stellar Blade director and Shift Up studio CEO Hyung-Tae Kim spoke about a potential follow-up to the upcoming game. When the interviewer asked about whether we'd discover the ages of protagonist Eve and her allies in Stellar Blade, Kim joked that a sequel might potentially answer this question.

Kim also spoke to anyone that was curious about the ages of Eve and company in general, saying that if they were curious, they should play Stellar Blade, because then there's a bigger chance of the game getting a sequel, and the question of age actually being answered. 

It's a little hard to tell whether Kim is joking or not from Famitsu's interview, but the Stellar Blade director seems to be sincere about wanting to make a sequel, at least. There's definitely a sense that a Stellar Blade sequel will depend a lot on the reception to the new game, which isn't a surprise, given that it's an entirely new series for developer Shift Up.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kim says Stellar Blade could get a photo mode after launch if fans are vocal about it. Considering the fever pitch attention the new game is receiving online, a lot of which brings to light Eve's body, players will surely be normal when requesting this feature after launch from developer Shift Up.

Stellar Blade launches next month on April 26 as a PS5 exclusive, but a demo for the game will be available tomorrow on March 29. Read our Stellar Blade preview to see why Austin beat the demo's boss 20 times over. 

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