You can get $400 of books from D&D-rival Starfinder for just $45

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If you've ever wanted to try Starfinder (the sci-fi sibling of D&D rival Pathfinder), there's probably not going to be a better chance than this; you can get $400-worth of PDF books for just $45 / £35.96. Frankly, it's a bit ridiculous.

Up for grabs through Humble Bundle, this Starfinder offer is available in four tiers starting at $5 / £3.99. The basic level gets you everything you need to start playing (PDF versions of the Core Rulebook, Beginner Box, Alien Archive, Character Folio, and an Adventure Path), but paying more gets you all of the above along with bonus adventures, sourcebooks, maps, and pawns.  Seeing as Starfinder ranks on our list of the best tabletop RPGs alongside D&D, I've got no trouble recommending this deal - especially considering the price. In fact, the last time we saw a discount this good was with the Pathfinder equivalent earlier this year. 

As per that sale, a portion of the proceeds here (it's up to you how much) will go toward The Trevor Project, an initiative to help end suicide among LGBTQ young people.

You can see the details on each tier below.

Tier 1 | $5 / 3.99 at Humble Bundle

Tier 1 | $5 / 3.99 at Humble Bundle
Want to dip a toe into the Starfinder roleplaying game? This offer gets you everything you need to play the game at a pretty absurd discount. It includes:

- Starfinder Core Rulebook
- Starfinder Alien Archive
- Starfinder Beginner Box (PDF)
- Starfinder Player Character Folio (PDF)
- Starfinder GM Screen (PDF)
- Starfinder Adventure Path: We're No Heroes (Fly Free or Die 1 of 6)

Tier 2 | $15 / £11.98 at Humble Bundle

Tier 2 | $15 / £11.98 at Humble Bundle
Along with everything included in Tier 1, this step up throws in plenty more Adventure Paths, the second volume of the Alien Archive, and plenty of battle maps for use during combat. Here's what you're getting:

_ Everything in Tier 1
- Starfinder Alien Archive 2 (PDF)
- Starfinder Adventure Path: Merchants of the Void (Fly Free or Die 2 of 6)
- Starfinder Adventure Path: Professional Courtesy (Fly Free or Die 3 of 6)
- Starfinder Adventure: Redshift Rally
- Starfinder Alien Archive Pawn Box (PDF)
- Starfinder Core Rulebook Pawn Collection (PDF)
- Starfinder Society Scenario: Pact World Warriors
- Starfinder Flip-Mat: Asteroid (PDF/JPG)
- Starfinder Flip-Mat: Ghost Ship (PDF/JPG)
- Starfinder Flip-Mat: Jungle World (PDF/JPG)

Tier 3 | $25 / £19.98 at Humble Bundle

Tier 3 | $25 / £19.98 at Humble Bundle
This third tier is probably the best in terms of sheer value for money; you're getting no less than 27 items, all of which would cost hundreds of dollars otherwise. Here's what's included:

- Everything in Tier 1
- Everything in Tier 2
- Starfinder Alien Archive 3 (PDF)
- Starfinder Starship Operations Manual
- Starfinder Near Space (PDF)
- Starfinder Adventure Path: The White Glove Affair (Fly Free or Die 4 of 6)
- Starfinder Adventure Path: Crash & Burn (Fly Free or Die 5 of 6)
- Starfinder Adventure Path: The Gilded Cage (Fly Free or Die 6 of 6)
- Starfinder Pawn Collection: Fly Free or Die (PDF)
- Starfinder One-Shot: System Takedown (PDF)
- Starfinder Society Scenario: Corporate Interest (PDF)
- Starfinder Flip-Mat: Basic Starfield (PDF/JPG)
- Starfinder Flip-Mat: Spaceport (PDF/JPG)

Tier 4 | $45 / £35.96 at Humble Bundle

Tier 4 | $45 / £35.96 at Humble Bundle
The final tier offers all of the other content along with hardcover versions of a book and a special set of cards - the Alien Archive 2 and Critical Hit Deck. Just bear in mind that shipping isn't included, and will cost around $5 - $6 for US domestic (it's between $20 and $40 international). Here's what you're getting:

- Everything in Tier 1
- Everything in Tier 2
- Everything in Tier 3
- Physical Starfinder Critical Hit Deck
- Hardcover Starfinder Alien Archive 2

Wondering whether you'll gel with Starfinder? Although it's a little denser than the likes of Dungeons and Dragons books, this provides it with more depth overall and an abundance of character options that'll make your head spin. As a fun aside, it's also set in the same universe as Pathfinder, only hundreds of years in the future. That means classic orcs, elves, goblins, and dwarves show up alongside science fiction-inspired species.

You can create any kind of story using its systems as well, so it's ideal if you're hoping to take your players on a grand sci-fi adventure that isn't tied to a major IP like Alien: The Roleplaying Game or Star Wars. It's very well supported by publisher Paizo too with a wide variety of adventures, meaning you'll have plenty of extra material to work through if you enjoy what you see - it's been going strong since 2017.

This offer ends on May 22, so you've at least got a bit of time to think it over if you aren't sold right away.

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