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A Rebirth Island Warzone glitch is seeing Loadout Drops land in the water

Warzone Rumble
(Image credit: Activision)

It looks like there's a big problem with some Call of Duty: Warzone Loadout Drops landing in the ocean.

The bizarre glitch, an example of which you can view just below, was shared in the Warzone subreddit. In the clip, we see one player flying through the sky as they're looking for a Loadout Drop to grab. When they decide on one to go for, you can see at least three of these crates ultimately drop right into the briny depths of the ocean.

Another Loadout gifted to the sea Gods from r/CODWarzone

Each Warzone match features two free loadout drops. They always land in random locations, meaning players have to travel to them, but this new issue seems to have stopped whatever was preventing them from landing in the sea, where they're completely unattainable.

It would seem that this isn't an isolated incident, as one commenter said that they saw the glitch so often that "1/2 our loadouts end up in the sea for some reason." While not unique, it would seem that the bug is a new arrival to the game - another player said that "this never used to be a problem," suggesting that developer Raven Software has "broken something recently that causes loadouts to land in some jank places now."

This is far from the first issue that Warzone players have had to contend with. Bugs and glitches have affected everything from Stims to player (in)visibility, and with Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 on the horizon, some people are concerned that more problems will rear their heads this week.

Whatever is causing the issues, perhaps we can expect it to be fixed when Warzone Season Two launches later this week.

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