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A new Harry Potter trailer online

Whenever you’ve got a big battle coming, or the world of a fantasy character such as Harry Potter about to be upended, someone always mentions that there’s a storm coming.

Dunno about you, but the last time a storm broke over us, there was much more rain and a lot less chance for heroics against a fascist-alike regime. Note to self: next time, carry an umbrella and a wand. Just in case.

Still, given that this is the new international trailer for Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, it’s only fair that the gathering darkness is a clash of good versus evil, with Voldemort plotting to destroy Harry and co.

This latest footage contains much more than we’ve seen before, including plenty of scheming from Imelda Staunton’s Delores Umbridge. For all of that good stuff, check out the trailer her e .