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A Catan 3D edition is on the way and looks incredible, but it costs $300

A Catan 3D edition is on the way and looks incredible, but it costs $300
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A 3D version of popular board game Catan is on the way, and it features individually hand-painted tiles. Unsurprisingly dubbed Catan - 3D Edition, it's now up for pre-order and will set you back $300 from the official CatanShop website.

Designed as a premium collector's item, this three-dimensional spin on Catan comes with terrain tiles based on those sculpted by the game's designer, Klaus Teuber. The player pieces have also been antiqued to give them a more rustic feel. However, those behind Catan - 3D Edition are at pains to point out that these components are durable enough to weather their fair share of games.

Getting deja-vu? This isn't the first time we've seen a 3D Catan. The studio created a limited run back in 2005, but it's near-impossible to get hold of these days. Because production technology has come a long way since then, Catan Studio CEO Pete Fenlon notes that this version "creates a visually stunning foundation for immersive storytelling.”

Although it may filter down to other retailers like Amazon before launch, Catan - 3D Edition is exclusive to the Catan Shop for now. It probably won't last long either (the original is arguably one of the best board games ever made, after all), so it might be a good idea to pre-order now so you don't have to wait another 15 years for your chance.

Luckily, it's not a total disaster if you miss the boat - this isn't the only cool Catan-shaped upgrade the franchise has had in the last few years. Alongside a special 25th Anniversary Edition (opens in new tab) with tweaked playing pieces (they've got a metallic sparkle to them) and custom card trays to go with card sleeves and revised dice, there's also been the sci-fi inspired Catan: Starfarers (opens in new tab) and A Game of Thrones Catan (opens in new tab) that features the Night's Watch. Basically, there's plenty of Catan goodness to go around.

Pre-order Catan - 3D Edition

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Catan - 3D Edition | $300 at the Catan Shop (opens in new tab)
This special edition of Catan may cost a small fortune, but it features three-dimensional, hand-painted tiles that are drop-dead gorgeous. It's something of a show-stopper.

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