A Breaking Bad movie is being worked on right now, and could release as soon as 2020

No, you’re not high on meth. A Breaking Bad movie is on the way from series creator and guru of all things Better Call Saul, Vince Gilligan. Beyond that, though, there’s very little info to go on. However, a minor plot reveal and a production schedule could hint at both a Breaking Bad movie release date and what might go down in the show’s transfer to the big screen.

Here’s what has been pretty much confirmed: a Breaking Bad movie is beginning production this month, and is slated to end in February 2019, according to a source close to the Albuquerque Journal (opens in new tab). That might just hint at a 2020 release, lest it comes down with an unexpected case of development hell. And, other than that… that’s it. We don’t know whether it’ll include Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, or any of the other extended Breaking Bad cast.

Having said that, there’s always guesswork to be done. And (hopefully) pretty solid guesswork at that. The logline – essentially a very quick summary of a project – outlines how the Breaking Bad movie will “track the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.” 

Do you know who that sounds like to me? A certain Jesse Pinkman who, the last we saw of him, was driving off into the darkness, having just been freed from the clutches of Neo-Nazis by Walter White. Exploring what comes after what would be about as straightforward as you can get, but definitely the most logical.

Sure, it’s pretty much a stab in the dark at this point, yet going forward with a Breaking Bad movie and including no one from the original series would be tantamount to commercial suicide at this point. With Walt (probably) out of the picture, this makes the most sense.

Now, the final question is whether we’ll see this in a theatre or on an AMC screen. The network is fresh off of ordering three Walking Dead movies (opens in new tab); could this be part of that slate? Right now, nothing’s for certain. But that’s what makes it so exciting: this is a project that’s creeped up on us and will drop into our laps sooner than we could have possibly anticipated. Yeah, bitch!

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