A 14-year-old MMO is getting spun off into an "adrenaline-fueled" action RPG that has you battle furry hunks

A warrior faces a humanoid beast in a screenshot from Vindictus: Defying Fate announcement trailer
(Image credit: Nexon)

Vindictus, the MMO that's been chugging along for 14 years, is getting a single-player spin-off. 

Publisher Nexon launched its dark fantasy MMO back in 2012, notable for featuring fast real-time combat, and while it didn't set the world on fire, the game has been quietly thriving with semi-frequent events, updates, and more for well over a decade.

Retaining the MMO's snappier spirit, Nexon just recently announced a new action game set in the same universe, Vindictus: Defying Fate, which shares "familiar characters, NPCs, region names, monsters, and certain outfits." Though, this time, it's a solo adventure. The MMO is largely focused on PvE content anyway, so this is a more natural transition than one might expect. 

Defying Fate's reveal trailer serves as more of a mood piece, rather than an intro to this world, but seeing our main hero engage in beatdowns against furry, chunky beasts is all I really needed. Combat looks heavy and fluid, the enemies look ferocious, and the world looks genuinely gorgeous if a little overfamiliar. 

The game's storefront description shares that the world draws inspiration from Celtic mythology, probably explaining the hulking, weapon-wielding wolves and such. "Each character is unique not only in appearance but weapons and combat style," the page continues, "allowing you to choose the combat experience that suits your playstyle and personality."

Vindictus: Defying Fate has no release date thus far, but it will launch on PC and consoles. In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with its older online sibling over on Steam

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