8 simple reasons you suck at Killzone 3 multiplayer

4) You Think Killing Matters

Above: Calm down. There's no need to kill everything that wanders in front of you

This is a problem that's really not exclusive to Killzone 3. These idiots show up everywhere. It never fails. We'll be playing an objective-based game and notice some teammate is basically camped up in a corner with a sniper rifle racking up kills. What? Why? You're not doing anything. Your kills are good for nothing but e-peen. And we're still not impressed.

How To Fix It: Killing should only be your goal in the bodycount game type. Otherwise the enemy you killed is just going to respawn in five seconds or less, and that's really not a constructive use of your time. The only place where a kill matters is near an objective. Go try to complete an objective or back up a teammate that's trying to take an objective.

Worst in: Operations, Warzone

3) You Crowd Around Doors

Above: Imagine what would happen if someone threw a grenade into this mob. It's the same thing that happens to you if you crowd a door in Killzone 3

It's always amusing to see 4+ teammates crowding around a door trying to fight back the enemy. We always imagine them thinking they're stacked up by the door in perfect formation just like in Rainbow Six. But then an enemy tosses a grenade into the door and scores a quadruple kill. Nice job guys.

How To Fix It: Spread out. Groups of two are usually the most effective. Any more than that is overkill and you're setting yourself up for big explosive death combos. If both teams are fighting for control of a narrow bridge or door, then that's a perfect opportunity for you to sneak around and get the drop on them.

Worst in: All modes

2) Killing Downed Enemies

Above: He's already dead, so let him be. Shooting him again is just beating a dead horse

When an enemy is killed in Killzone 3 they don't really seem dead at first. They lie on the ground writhing in pain for five seconds until they can respawn. They're essentially trapped there in purgatory but people still love to shoot them when they're down. They're already dead! You're just doing them a favor by hastening their respawn. I already hear you about to say, “but what if they're a medic and they can self-resurrect!?” Listen to yourself. Are you actually concerned that somebody is going to play a medic in an online shooter? Let alone a medic with Triage+ leveled up? Go sit on the bench.

How To Fix It: Let them bleed. There's maybe a 0.1% chance that it's a medic about to resurrect himself and an even smaller chance that he'll be able to kill you once he does resurrect. If he's waiting for a medic then let him wait, you can kill the medic when he comes too.

Worst in: All modes

1) You're Not Using Melee

Above: The old adage was wrong. In this case you'd better bring a knife to the gunfight

The melee attack in Killzone 3 is insanely powerful. It's an instant one-hit kill, and the only drawback is that it takes a little while. It's not perfect, but it's vastly preferable to trying to spray the enemy with bullets. So many things can go wrong when you do that. He has a gun too, so it's best not to give him any opportunities to use it.

How To Fix It: Just run up and cut him instead. Nine times out of ten you'll catch the enemy off guard and score a silent, brutal kill. If you start spraying those bullets around you'll attract attention and you're giving the enemy player the chance to turn around and defend himself. This has the added bonus of embarrassing them with a knife to the eye as well.

Worst in: Guerilla Warfare

Feb 25, 2011

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