8 simple reasons you suck at Killzone 3 multiplayer

It doesn't take much to screw up an entire team in a multiplayer shooter like Killzone 3. If one player insists on being dumb then the whole squad suffers. We're not asking for every team to be some kind of alpha-squadron super force that works in lock-step at all times, but we do humbly request that you use your head once in a while. What we're asking for isn't hard. Just follow our eight quick tips and you'll be well on your way to being a passable Killzone 3 player.

8) You Don't Understand Choke Points

Above: These people would have a lot more luck if they split up, and so will you

There is a whole enormous level at your disposal. There are multiple routes, secret tunnels, and all manner of other opportunities. Yet you continuously charge directly into the built-in choke points on the map. The game is designed to spawn enemies near those places. The game deliberately tries to funnel players into those explosive choke points.

How To Fix It: It's simple: go around! Take a side route around their flank and surprise them. This is particularly effective if you're an Infiltrator. Your kill/death ratio will plummet if you keep trying to go up against a half dozen enemies. Use the entire level to get the advantage.

Worst in: Operations, Guerrilla Warfare

7) You Can't Guard a Point

Above: This is how stupid you look when you stand directly in front of the thing you're guarding

If you're trying to protect something, then the worst possible place to be is directly next to the thing you're guarding. They're expecting you to be right on top of the captured point. They'll probably even toss in a grenade preemptively, just in case someone was silly enough to stand right next to it.

How To Fix It: It's really very simply. If the enemy knows where you are: don't be there. Hide around the corner and wait for the point to start being taken, then sneak around and take the assaulting party by surprise. They'll be at a huge disadvantage since they'll be forced to stand in a very specific area to keep capturing the point, making it easy to get the drop on them. If you've got a long-range rifle, try to find a good line of sight far off and protect the location from a distance. Most capture points include objects for capturers to hide behind, making it tough to cover from a sniper's perch, but to be honest most players aren't bright enough to worry about sniper line-of-sight anyway. So that's no big deal.

Worst in: Operations, Warzone

6) You're Too Trusting

I thought you people learned your lesson after Team Fortress 2's Spy class messed us all up back in 2007, but apparently not. The Infiltrator is a very popular class, and their trademark is the ability to disguise themselves as one of your teammates. If you see an ally coming straight at you then it's probably best to be a little bit suspicious. Allies don't generally come sprinting after you from the enemy's side of the map.

How To Fix It: Be suspicious. They might be spies. At medium-close range your gunsights will still turn red when placed over an enemy spy, so do your best to paint every suspicious-looking ally. If you're not convinced they're legit then put a bullet in them just to see what happens. Can't hurt.

Worst in: Operations

5) You Think This is Black Ops

Above: This is not Black Ops. Nor is Killzone 3. Get it straight

It never ceases to amuse us how many times per match we see people creeping around in a stealthy, crouched position. This is not Black Ops. Everyone can see you. The pace of the game moves much faster than Call of Duty so you need to keep up. You won’t be able to kill an enemy with just a few bullets anyway, so camping a corner isn't likely to do much good. Odds are they'll sprint up and knife you before your bullets finish the job.

How To Fix It: Be fast. A few bullets won’t kill you so don't worry about being seen momentarily by the enemy. Also, expect the enemy to be fast. You won’t be able to take them out if you camp a corner. It's far more effective to take a side route and try to get behind the enemy spawn points rather than spend your time trying to defend a spot by camping.

Worst in: Guerilla Warfare