7 Batman: Arkham City costumes we want to see

5. Batman: Knight of Vengeance

Recently, DC Comics decided to reboot their entire universe. Before that could happen, the Flash was sent to an alternate timeline where many of the world’s heroes were drastically different than those we were used to. It was in this timeline we were introduced to a Batman whose quest for vengeance was fueled by the loss of his son. You see, in the world of Flashpoint, Bruce Wayne was gunned down in the alleyway that fateful night, which led to his father Thomas Wayne becoming Batman.

Most of the costume remained the same. However, Thomas Wayne eschewed the familiar yellow accents for some red highlights, and his Bat-symbol is tweaked just a bit. He was an interesting character that was gone before he could be fully explored, and it would be great to see this version of the character acknowledged.

6. Owlman

In the old DC Comics continuity, there was an alternate universe where Earth’s heroes were villains, and Lex Luthor was actually a good guy. Ultraman, Superwoman, Power Ring, Johnny Quick and Owlman were the evil representations of the Justice League, known as the Crime Syndicate of America. Though Owlman is just as smart and calculating as the “normal” Bruce Wayne, Owlman is completely devoted to making life as miserable as possible for his father, Commissioner Thomas Wayne.

Getting to break bones as Owlman would be great, because his costume is actually an armored exoskeleton that presents a lot of interesting visual opportunities. This is Batman without the moral compass. This is the Batman we’ve always wanted to see go over the line. This is the costume we want to go crazy in.

7. Dark Claw

Batman plus Wolverine equals awesome. Do we need to say more? OK, fine. Back when Marvel and DC were still willing to work together, there was an event-comic series known as Amalgam, where DC characters were fused with Marvel characters to create entirely new heroes and villains. Batman was melded with Wolverine to give us Logan Wayne, a mutant whose parents were murdered, and who was enlisted in the Weapon X project. You get the idea.

Mostly utilizing elements of Batman’s costume, Dark Claw’s outfit has some of Wolverine’s trademark striping, but the killer accessory is the mask. Part cowl, part Tengu mask, Dark Claw’s headpiece is the definition of ‘90s-comic excess, but man would it look great in a videogame.

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